Monday, January 9, 2012

Talking for God

While I was running yesterday on the greenway near UNCA, I ran past a spray painted message on the greenway asphalt that said "nature still hates you," and it really upset me.

It didn't upset me because I thought "nature hates me." No, I feel like nature loves me / us. I feel like nature is the safe place, a haven, and is forgiving (even as we murder parts of nature...she reluctantly adapts - indeed - that is the force of nature). But I was aghast that anyone could think they speak for nature. It made me think that those are the ways that people speak for God. They say "you're a sinner" or "you're going to hell" or "you can't be loved by God for this or that" - you know.

And, it just resonated for me that who speaks for God and Nature can be so self-appointed. And who will we listen to among those who claim to speak for God or Nature? Is it the people who profess fear, hate and vengeance? Or, is it the people who profess love, compassion and forgiveness?

So, that was my philosophical musing on my run, and it kept me entertained for a while.

(This was written following a run on February 27, 2009 during a time I was dancing with the Community Choreography project for the performance Knock! Knock!, crossing the threshold of faith and home.)

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