Sunday, January 8, 2012

Keep it Simple

There are few things that I’m absolutely certain of in my life right now. I’m pounding out a new path, as I’m apt to do, with my work. I’m making my way as an independent contractor for conservation based organizations, as a writer, and as a facilitator. Every day I face an untried way as new opportunities present themselves, as new projects launch and others come to a close, and as I decipher whether to add more classes to my teaching schedule.

It can be a scary process to work for oneself. It’s not the same as showing up to the safe office building of regular paychecks, a group health insurance policy, and dental coverage. It can be full of fears and self-doubt and questioning. Am I doing this right?

So I take heart in knowing something really simplistic about myself. When things get difficult and my mind muddies or completely swamps the trail I’m trying to make, I can always come back to this:

I am in here to bring joy, hope, and optimism into this world.

This simple truth makes it all better. If I achieve this in my day then I have done my work. If, through my encouragement, listening, teaching, or support I manage to inspire others to be their best then my purpose is fulfilled.

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