Friday, January 27, 2012

Making (Digital) Space

There’s lots of talk about less clutter these days. Less stuff = More Space. It allows room for more possibilities to enter in.

To that end, I spent time de-cluttering my cell phone. I removed the numbers of people that I haven’t called recently, or shouldn’t ever call.

When I got my current phone over a year ago, the salesman transferred all my contacts into my new phone. I remember him commenting on how many there were – over one hundred. I like hanging on to numbers, and a cell phone is an easy way to do that.

Rarely do I forget a face, sometimes I forget a name, but I always remember things about people. I like to connect people, too, so sometime it’s handy to have my virtual business card of everyone I’ve ever met – from people on the dance floor to long lost friends.

Despite my inclination to have everyone at my fingertips, I followed the compulsion to streamline my contact list. I removed 79 numbers from my phone. Most of them were added to a Rolodex on my computer. Some were deleted completely.

To think of all the names I don’t have to give energy toward as I scroll through my address book. Wow! That might save me a bit of time.

It has certainly made a lot of new space.

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