Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Be, Don't Do

Sometimes the things I need most seem counter-intuitive to what I think I need to do.

See, pressure around here has been mounting. I've been adding more projects to my plate, and they're all things I really enjoy doing. I've been giving presentations, writing for various publications, attending trainings, and organizing Joyus Groove classes. I've been settling in to a relationship with Marcus that's feeling good and solid and true; albeit, just like any relationship, it requires time, attention, and nurturing.

Meanwhile, he's been finishing his patio and putting finishing touches on his tiny house. For a while we were really stressed, spiraling in a place of new busy-ness as we simultaneously juggled our own worries and responsibilities.

It's in those times, with activities seemingly closing in around me like a tight corset, making it hard to breath, when it's hardest to find the latch and step outside. 

The singular salve that makes everything better, hiking. It's just there...outside the door, with a map, a bottle of water, an apple, a jacket, my headlamp (in case it turns dark), and my boots.

Marcus and I finally did just that on Sunday, barely speaking to one another for listening to the wisdom of the experience, Mother Nature, and our quieting minds.

When I get filled up with what I think I need to do, hiking helps me remember how to be who I am, and that, for me, is its greatest lesson.  

We drove to Camp Creek Bald and hiked to Firescald Knob along the Appalachian Trail. I think we'll return again this Saturday to hike a loop from the river up to the ridge, exploring more of Shelton Laurel, an area I've talked a lot about in my presentations lately.

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