Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's with a heavy heart and a light spirit that I'm writing to ask for your help for another dear friend of mine - Annie the Dog.

Annie and I have lived together for four years and are common companions on runs, walks and hikes. She is such a super well-natured dog, and I'm doing my best to do right by her.

As you likely also know, I've fallen in love with Trevor who lives in British Columbia. In pursuit of solidifying my hunch that he's my long-term soul mate and to ensure we're as compatible nearby as we are over the substantial distance our relationship has endured over the last year and a half, I am going to be with him. I hope to leave in late December to go live with him.The future looks a bit uncertain for my stability to provide a structured and organized life for Annie over the next 12 months, and I'm seeking a foster situation for her during that time. I think it will allow her to stay with all four paws grounded in the land she knows well, while I metaphorically straddle the border to decipher where my future home will be - where Annie can join me.

In this time period, I'll take the opportunity to live in partnership with Trevor, make future plans, and will also likely travel, which may include a long-distance hike in terrain that may not be suitable for my pup.

Sure, dogs are adaptable and happy just being with their people, but I do feel that in this situation, I may be too transient to consider both our best well-beings to the best extent possible.

Annie is a 6.5 year old black lab mix, with striking honey eyes, and a melt-your-heart disposition. Super sweet and gentle, she's good with kids and most all dogs. She weighs about 65 lbs. She's not a sofa or a bed dog at my house but has been known to take advantage of that opportunity at homes where that behavior is allowed.

What a good situation would look like: Good-hearted, animal-friendly human would take Annie in for a year, and provide adequate outside/inside time for her, as well as entertain some of her most enjoyable activities. Annie is happiest running, walking, or hiking.

She has an annual visit to the Pet Vet on Patton each February. I'd be happy to pay the annual pet bill visit and pay for any necessary meds (like heartworm preventative and flea/tick topicals). She comes well equipped with a leash, a bottle of her own shampoo, back-seat liners for your vehicle, meds through Feb., food/water bowls, and a bag of her “favorite” food to get her started in her new home. She even responds to certain commands (most of the time).

I appreciate your consideration of this e-mail. If you or someone you know could offer Annie a temporary home, please get in touch with me.

Pictures of Annie in her element.

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