Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I enjoyed a splendid run today at lunch.

I haven't been running much these days - having started a long break from it in early September. Getting started back to the routine is always a bit difficult, mainly fueled by my own fear that I won't be as good as I've been in the past. Negativity taints the triumph of returning to this thing I love so much.

Despite being "gone" for so long from it, today's run felt relatively easy. My lungs struggled a bit with the shift to crisp fall air that has blown in over the last two days but the fluidity of my legs made up for the rest.

Annie, my running companion, stayed closer at my side today - not quite pushing me the way she's generally so inclined to do with her swift-footed four-legged ways.

As I was polishing up a good straightaway, my mind started wandering to other runners better than me and things to change about myself. And, WHAM, just like that my body's immediate response was to throw in the towel. My jog fell to a walk while there was no physical differentiation in what my body was asking for or needing. I walked a bit and considered it all.

I started lifting my feet with more frequency and resumed my running, and I reminded myself to be sure to think of my gratitudes for the day as I ran. I found thankfulness for the yellow flowers (wherever the come from), the steady fall breeze, the sun, the clear blue sky, and MY STRONG BODY, MY STRONG BODY, MY STRONG BODY, MY STRONG BODY, MY STRONG BODY, MY STRONG BODY, MY STRONG BODY (for at least a tenth of a mile) and charging up that last hill was as easy as the speed I'd picked up over that last stretch, too.

This mantra's good enough for me, I hope it works for you.

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