Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: A Year in Review

These are some of the highlights. 

Deep, deep crying jags.
They’ve been infrequent, but I’m learning how to allow myself to cry when the need to emote presents itself. I’m learning to access and allow my emotions.

Hike up to Mt. Mitchell
A hike up the Black Crest Trail to Mt. Mitchell, the highest point in the eastern U.S. 

Backpacking Trips!
I went backpacking in the Smokies twice and the Grayson Highlands. I hiked all around the Appalachian Trail in Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, too.

Getting beyond the heartache of the late 2010 breakup with Trevor and knowing it’s all for the best.

Reading and doing the work of Calling in the One with my book club friends Julie and Jen. 

Plus, discovering Marianne Williamson’s A Woman’s Worth and Geneen Roth's Women Food & God. 

The Groove Method certification in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and my return to Harrisonburg over my birthday weekend to lead one of my first Groove classes for The Summit, the nation’s first women’s hiking and backpacking conference. 

Groove and dance, in general!

Women’s Drum & Dance Weekend in Asheville!

Presentation at UNCA on Hiking Through History

Lots of rewarding long runs and good races!

            My favorites:
  • Greer ½ marathon
  • Cooper River Bridge Run
  • and the 15K in DC in early Dec.

ATC Family program research, manual, and training

The series of yoga classes I got at Lighten Up through Groupon.

20 Push-ups daily (well, for a while anyway)

New music

Friendships with Sylvia, Audra, Amanda, Marge, Elizabeth, Marcus, Ian, Tracy, Jo, Andrea, and distant friends who I talk to as if no time has passed at all.

Hikes with my niece & nephew
For a while we took hikes every other Wednesday. 

Getting dressed up and feeling beautiful.

Feeling healthy.

The excitement of dates!

Halloween costuming!

Photo shoot with Marge & Fred
I realized I really can get my photo made without blinking. Tip: say "crazy eyes" before you snap the photo. 

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Anonymous said...

Your writing is so good and flows so smoothly. Thanks for sharing. 2012 is a very special year for me. 10 years come June 6ht it's been now since I started on Katahdin. Where does the time go? Have a happy, productive, fruitful 2012. Laugh, cry, have fun. Play-doh