Saturday, August 1, 2009

"An Offering of Water" A Travelogue

My boyfriend Trevor has recently finished writing and editing a travelogue based on his recent trip to Peru . We are selling copies of it as a fund raiser for drug rehabilitation services.

An Offering of Water: Travels in Peru from the Pacific to the Andes” includes travel to pre-colonial archaeological marvels and beach towns, as well as his hike in the Andes that has most likely been rarely repeated since Incan times. The route connects some of their most sacred and impressive constructions with one of the two major urban centers of prehistory within the American continents. He ascended over 5000 meters in one of the world’s highest mountain ranges and visited a warm Oasis in one of the world’s deepest canyons.

Copies of his travelogue are available in exchange for a $10 donation to benefit Women’s Recovery Center . You may receive your choice of the manuscript as a text-only hard copy or a digital version with photographs. Copies for purchase are available through me locally in Asheville, N.C. or by mail. Contact me by e-mail, using address below.

Trevor feels strongly that drug rehabilitation services are essential since they can change the course of lives for many addicted persons.

Trevor says “In Canada, the USA and Peru , some of my friends, family, other fellow humans, and the natural environment are negatively impacted by narcotics from production to consumption. These problems tie together these countries and experiences within them.”

That’s why we selected Women’s Recovery Center as the recipient of donations raised in the United States . Women’s Recovery Center serves eight counties of Western North Carolina , and its primary goals are to help reduce drug and alcohol use among pregnant women, improve birth outcomes, and reduce the long-term effects of perinatal substance abuse. The center also provides services to pregnant and parenting adolescent girls.

Donations in Canada are being made to Crossroads Treatment Centre in British Columbia.

Please consider making a donation today and enjoy the journey to Peru . To help us further please consider telling your friends and other contacts about "An Offering of Water" and our fundraising efforts.

If you would like to make have additional questions, need more information or would like to purchase your copy, contact me using the information below.

Leanna Joyner
leannalj at yahoo dot com (please include “An Offering of Water” in the subject line)

Trevor can be reached by e-mail at LTrevor at hotmail dot com (please include “An Offering of Water” in the subject line)


"Back Cover Description" - or something like that...
written by yours truly

Trevor Lind's An Offering of Water is a compelling story taken from his personal journal, providing a way for us to access his experiences across the Peruvian landscape.

He lowers us through webs to areas of ancient majesty and mysticism, introduces us to encounters with the common and uncommon people and places of Peru , and carves out a space for us to sit and join him in the Temple of the Moon.

Through his manuscript written in an active voice, full of stream of consciousness, periods of reflection, and hindsight upon his return, he brings us into the moment of the raw experience of his travels, reflections, and his desires.

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