Thursday, August 28, 2008

Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon

An E-mail from June 15, 2007

Hi Friends, Family, loved-ones, and those long-lost!

I thought I'd write because it's been too long since I've probably said hello to most of you.

I'm filled with excitement and anticipation today - I almost feel like a kid the night before Christmas. Tomorrow I'm leaving on an adventure. It's not like it was leaving to hike the A.T. but it scares and frightens me nonetheless. It's a beast that I want to know and be near. I'm afraid of failure, but willing to take it if it comes.

On Sunday, the 17th, I'll be in my first traithlon. Granted, it's not the kind where you swim three miles, bike 100, then run a marathon - NO! Not this year, at least. It's a mini one (1/3-mile swim, 18-mile bike, 3-mile run) that I signed up for back in January anticipating my 30th birthday this June. I wanted something for myself: health, joy, fitness, pride of accomplishment...all the things I get from breathing fresh air, doing something harder than I actually think I can do, experiencing the wonderful/beautiful people along the way, and sharing in something that is bigger than myself. In many ways, this process, and the race on Sunday is like the Trail (except, with less candy bars).

When I got this wild hair to sign up for the
Iron Girl Atlanta (It's an all women's tri), I called many women who I know would be loving and supportive in this share the news. Some I cajoled into signing up, too. Breah, Ingrid, Mary, Catherine, and Terry all answered that call. We've had wonderful mornings greeting each other with crusty-eyed, just-awakened-to-the-day smiles as we've jumped in the pool to re-learn how to swim. We've run together, biked together, sometimes danced together, and often laughed together. I feel so lucky.

Anyway, with any more luck, I'll do as well as I hope I can on Sunday. Here is the course: I jump in the water at if you're awake at that hour on a Saturday, keep me in mind. I'll probably be drawing in a long, stuttering breath if the water is too cold.

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